Coronavirus information

At Heatherwood Health Care our first priority is always the safety of residents, colleagues and visitors in our homes.  With the annual threat of norovirus or influenza our home managers are already well versed in infection control and have clear processes in place to prevent and contain infections among both residents and team members.  However, we are not complacent about the coronavirus outbreak or the potential risks it may pose for older people.

We want to reassure you that, whilst we are doing our best to keep care home life as normal as possible for residents, we are continuing to assess the situation nationally and locally, and to put in place measures to reduce the risk of the virus inadvertently being brought into the home. 

Please note that as from the 15th March 2022 legislation has changed and it is no longer a requirement for staff or visitors to be vaccinated against Covid-19.  We still encourage our staff to be vaccinated.

Visiting in Care Homes

Visiting is permitted at this moment in time. This is both for loved ones/family members, contractors and healthcare professionals.  

In the case of an outbreak we take our guidance from the local Public Health Team. 

We have visiting protocols that need to be adhered to.  

New care enquiries

We are accepting admissions, though there is a protocol for pre-admission.  Those looking for care should contact our care support team at 020 3744 0853


We may still be recruiting for the home.  If you are scheduled for an interview for this home, please contact the person who arranged your interview for further details.

Guidelines for approved visits

While we will do everything we can to maintain this information, please call the home before you set out for your visit, just in case anything has changed. This information should be considered in conjunction with information about the virus from Public Health England.

Please see below our Covid-19 documentation

Risk assessments

Covid-19 risk assessment.pdf

Covid-19 risk assessment 2.pdf

Covid-19 risk assessment 3.pdf

Covid-19 risk assessment 4.pdf

Covid-19 risk assessment 5.pdf

Covid-19 risk assessment 6.pdf

Covid-19 risk assessment 7.pdf

Covid-19 risk assessment 8.pdf

Covid-19 risk assessment 9.pdf

Covid-19 risk assessment 10.pdf

Covid-19 risk assessment 11.pdf

Covid-19 risk assessment 12.pdf

Covid-19 risk assessment 13.pdf

Covid-19 risk assessment 14.pdf

Visitor information.pdf

COVID-19 supplement to the infection prevention and control resource for adult social care - GOV.UK.pdf